Service and Safety for installation of edge protection Waikato


Roof Edge Protection & Platform Scaffold 
Hire & Installation 

Edge Protection & Platform Scaffold

EdgeStop!™ provide an installation and hire service in Hamilton and the greater Waikato from Tokoroa to South Auckland, Raglan to Thames.  Our service includes delivery to your work site, installation of the edge protection/scaffold, dismantle and removal from site.

Our staff are trained and experienced, so they know what they are doing and they participate in ongoing training courses and work within the clear guidelines of our company Health and Safety Policy to help ensure safety on site.

Platform Scaffold

For renovation or new builds you can't go past the European ring lock Layher Scaffold system.   

We pride ourselves on our installation service.  Our objective is to ensure your job is safely installed on time.  Our team is committed to get each job up and down in a timely manner so you can get on with your project.  

Layher is a tidy scaffold system that keeps your jobs looking professional while allowing you safe access to do your job.

Aluminium Guard Rail on Residential Property EdgeStop! Edge Protection Hamilton

Roof Edge Protection Hire For Existing & New Roofs

Single or double story, we offer the perfect Edge Protection solution for existing roofs.

The Aluminium tube and clamp Edge Protection system provides a safe strong barrier and extends up to 8m high allowing for jobs with up to 7m high gutter lines!  

Non-invasive to the building structure, the fall protection is secured through a cantilevered arm that fits snugly under the roof over-hang or against the gable end.  

This system is particularly perfect for re-cladding and paint jobs. 

All our staff have been fully trained and certified by the suppliers of this system and are all experienced in ensuring correct installation.

Steel Edge Protection System NZ

The EdgeStop!™ clever Steel system is a unique bracket and clip lock post system designed and manufactured in NZ.  This system works a treat on existing sheet metal roofing jobs or those roofs being re-clad with long line sheet metal.  Tough, reliable and effective.  The greatest advantage of this system is the quick installation time - our staff can have this system installed and ready for use on an average sized house in just a couple of hours.

The single steel poles means less obstacles for home owners (very neat and tidy) AND this edge protection system is garden/shrub friendly!

Edge Protection new home residential Roofing Long Run Sheet Metal

Edge Protection for new homes

New builds require full platform scaffold, however once the trusses are up, EdgeStop!™ also has a certified system specifically designed for new roofs. This is also a steel quick clip lock system meaning we are in and out of the job in with no time delays for roofing gangs and without inconvenience to builders. 

Roof Edge Protection Cambridge the warehouse edge protection commercial

Edge Protection For Commercial Properties

The  EdgeStop!™ system also works with some commercial roofs such as those with overhangs (for more detail on commercial Edge Protection contact us).

The Aluminium Edge Protection system will work on commercial builds up to 7m high at the gutter edge.