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Roof Edge Protection & Platform Scaffold 
Hire & Installation 

Roof Edge Protection

Worksafe NZ safety regulations require Roof Edge Protection be in place before commencing any roofing work to help provide fall protection when working at heights.  

Roof Edge protection is a safety guardrail or ‘fence’ that goes around the perimeter of a roof - sometimes also referred to as 'Fall Protection'. 

More cost effective than traditional full scaffold, Edge Protection is designed specifically for any work carried out on roof and is the perfect safety solution for

- Re-roofing (sheet metal, tiles)

- Re-cladding jobs 

- Roof re-painting

- Solar panel installation

- Roof signage installation

- Moss removal/treatments

- Roofing new builds or alterations where the roof trusses are in place

- Any other roofing renovation or alteration work that requires fall protection including sheet metal or tile replacement work

Platform Scaffold

Full Platform Scaffold is needed when your roof pitch exceeds 26 degrees or is too high for simple Edge Protection

Install Edge Protection NZ

Edge Protection Hire

- Versatile for all types of roof work

- Assists in providing Fall Protection

- Fast installation and quick to take down

- Is an easy solution for trades to work with and around

Tidy on site for worker and property owners

- Cost effective option

- Experienced staff install and dismantle on site for you

Platform Scaffold is a requirement on all new house builds.