About Us

From the top... 

EdgeStop!™ is led by roofing expert, James Finlay, who brings over 25 years building and roofing experience to our clients. A licensed carpenter by trade, James has built some stunning homes over the years however it was a move to Australia in the 90’s that led him to becoming a specialist in long run metal roof installation. James became co-owner of one of Australia’s largest roofing companies at the time and led roofing gangs on hundreds of residential and commercial roofing jobs. Eventually returning to New Zealand James continued roofing as a roofing contractor....

Having worked for years within the Australian Health and Safety regulations while roofing in Australia, James knew it would not be long before safety standards would be tightened in the NZ building industry; he began working on ideas for a Roof Edge Protection system he could use in his own roofing business in the Waikato. 

From one roofer to another... James has been instrumental in the development of the EdgeStop!™ clip lock bracket and post system creating the system with the help of a local Engineer. The system has been successfully developed to become what we believe is one of the strongest available Edge Protection systems on the market. Cleverly engineered for strength and fast, efficient installation - and designed with safety and the end user in mind. From one roofer to another…. James understands the roofing industry, roof cladding systems and building structures. He knows how the building and construction trades work, the cost of delays, the impact of wet weather, the need for good reliable service as well as the need to feel safe and be able to get on and get the job done. 

Our knowledge and experience, along with a strong work ethic and dedication to providing the best in customer service is the foundation on which EdgeStop!™ base our commitment to our clients. 1st in service and safety!

Roof Safe Edge Protection Ltd hence evolved from Roofing And Edge Protection Ltd to become what is now EdgeStop!™ - specialists in Roof Edge Protection hire and installation.

The EdgeStop!™ designed system is fully certified and proudly made in New Zealand.

"Our priority is ensuring our customers are absolutely and completely satisfied with the quality 

and level of service we provide"...